W. J. Towell & Co. saw the wisdom of diversification.

Since 1947 W.J. Towell has been recognized for the diversification of its large scale commodity trading. It has maintained to be one of the leading private sector organizations in Oman. 

Prior to the family’s prosperous success, the Sultan family maintained small sub-dealerships in Kuwait and Iraq for Dunlop tires and tobacco companies.   

In 1948, Ahmed Bin Sultan saw the possibilities inherent in oil production in the State of Kuwait.  He convinced his family to expand and establish a stronger presence in the region, and this decision determined the fate of the enterprise for the next several decades.            

The new branch of W.J. Towell was established in 1948 in the State of Kuwait. It was a small business that handled foreign exchange films, perfume, motor oil, cooking oil, and rice.   

Time honored international business affiliations and paved the way for the company’s expansion.