Sultan International Electronics Company (SIE)

Our division commenced operations in Kuwait as the Banking Machines Division of WJ Towell & Co in 1977. We started off by selling various currency counting and associated machines to the banks and financial institutions in Kuwait. We have been the sole distributor in Kuwait for Laurel Banking Machines of Japan ever since.

By 1983 we diversified our activities to include other electronic equipment also, and were selling Yamato scales to the supermarkets here. By 1990 (invasion of Kuwait) we had more than 90% of the currency counting and 75% share of the scales business in Kuwait.

After the liberation of Kuwait, the computer division, the banking machines division and the telecom division of WJ Towell & Co were combined together and were operating in Kuwait under the name of Middle East Telecommunications Co (METCO).

By 2003, with the rapid expansion of the various divisions of METCO, we felt it was better to spin off the banking machines division into a separate company in order to focus better on serving our various customers. Thus in 2003 we reorganized as SULTAN INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS CO.(SIECO)

Presently SIECO are the dealers for :

1. Laurel Banking Machines of Japan (note counting/ coin counting machines)

2. Nemo-Q of Sweden (intelligent queuing systems)

3. Transcore of USA (RFID systems)

4. Teraoka Seiko of Japan (DIGI Brand weighing scales & wrappers)

5. Megatex of Bulgaria, Information Display Boards

6. Huijin of China, Banknote Strapping Machines


Al-Rai Industrial Area

P.O.Box 595 Al-Farwaniya Postal Code: 81016 Kuwait


Tel (+965) 2 475 9755, 2 474 9034, 2 474 9036

 Fax (+965) 2 473 4320, 2 471 3485